Generator Basics

New, Used Diesel Generators and Surplus Natural Gas Generators

From Vital Power And Equipment LLC: A diesel generator, whether it is a new surplus or a used diesel  generator, the terminologies apply to both.  A complete diesel generator is the combination of diesel engine with an alternator (often called an electrical generator end) to generate electric power.

Used and new surplus diesel generators commonly are used in places not directly tied to the power grid and/or are  tied into the power grid and supply emergency back up power if the power grid fails.  Applications when diesel  generators are not tied into the power grid, for example, would be construction zones.  The construction industries  will most often us a portable diesel generator, ranging anywhere from 50kw up to 500kw and at times larger, that they can take from one location to the other.

Applications where industrial diesel and natural gas generators are tied into the power grid, for example, hospitals,  office complexes, data centers and factories would use their back up, or stand by diesel generators to supply power if  the power grid was to fail. The larger commercial or industrial diesel generators can range from 500kw up to 2000kw and larger.

What do the terms Standby Power, Prime Power and Continuous Power ratings mean?

Standby Power – This rating is applicable when there has been an interruption of normal power and the backup  diesel generator is used for emergency power for the duration of the interruption.  The Standby rating is warranted  when the operation or installation is served by a reliable utility source.  Typically, the standby generator should not  operate more than   200 hours per year.

Prime Power – The Prime Power rating is applied when the power being generated is from the generator itself and  not the utility source.  Prime Power is available at variable loads for an unlimited number of hours.

Continuous Power – Output available without varying the load for an unlimited time.  The typical power output  ranges from 70% to 100% of the continuous power rating.

The KW rating changes for each power rating.
For Example: If the standby rating were 1000 kW, then a Prime Power rating might be 850 kW and the continuous rating 800kW.

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