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Vital Power & Equipment: Your number ONE source for Used Diesel Generators!

Vital Power and Equipment is one of the industry leaders in providing, installing and servicing on-site standby and prime power energy systems across the nation, Canada, as well as overseas. With a combined experience of over a decade in the diesel and natural gas power industry and electrical trade, we have the training and experience to help you with all of your power needs.

Vital Power and Equipment is your BEST choice for used diesel generators and natural gas generators.

We provide high quality dependable new, new surplus and used diesel generators ready for immediate delivery. No twelve to twenty-four month lead times with Vital Power and Equipment. Whether your looking for a 20kw or 20MW diesel generator or natural gas generator, chances are we will have it in stock. However, if you don’t see what your looking for in our inventory, call us, we will find the diesel or natural gas generator your looking for, using our extensive data base and years of good working relationships within the industry.

Vital Power also purchases new, new surplus and used diesel and natural gas generators. If you have a diesel or natural gas generator, in good working order and are interested in converting your asset(s) into cash, please contact us via email or phone. We will respond to you within 24 hours regarding your equipment.

Vital Power and Equipment offers complete turnkey installation and removal of diesel generators and natural gas generators.

With our in house sales staff and electrical team, we can provide you with high quality dependable used diesel generators and or used natural gas generators. Trust in our years of experience and our highest level of technical and mechanical skills to install your power system and have you online in no time.

Call or e-mail us today, for all your VITAL POWER and EQUIPMENT needs.

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